Matter-of-Fact IT

Agile IT Project Management

Stakeholder Management, Project Scope Definition, Project Initiation, Business Case, assemble Project Staff, Project Planning, Define Quality Standards, Change Management, Risk Management Strategy, Project Communications, Configuration Management, Create WBS, Track Project Deliverables, Manage Budget, Coordinate Project Staff, Report on Progress, Quality Reviews, Handle Exceptions, Vendor Management, Risk Assessment, Metrics, Manage Phase Boundaries, Implementation & training, Close Project, Project Evaluation, Lessons Learned Report

Will doing all of this . . .

Feasibility Study, Requirements gathering, Business Process Analysis Functional Design, Logical Database Design, Usecase design, User Interface design, Dataflow diagrams, Infrastructure requirements, Physical database design,Technical Design, Pair Progamming, Coding,Time boxing, Test design, Code Reviews, Test cases, White box Testing, Module Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Staging Production, Deployment, Release Management, conserve Testware

deliver your IT projects?

Or pile up the paperwork?

It depends . . .

While prevalent project management methods like PMBOK and PRINCE2 and system development methods like Waterfall,DSDM, XP or SCRUM are good practices, they still leave a lot on the table.

Matter-of-Fact IT

is an approach to project management specifically geared towards IT projects and should be regarded as an addendum to these methods.

It makes sensible use of aforementioned methods by cutting the red tape while keeping projects in control. It is based on 15 years of real experience with managing and completing enterprise scale IT projects.